It is a 2 hour talk show that covers Muslim world news, timely issues, and light entertaining topics.

The show aims to touch base live with the viewers and provide an edutainment material that is beneficial to people of different interests. Three components or segments make up the program.

The first segment presents Muslim World Newscast, whereby the viewers can watch based-image news flashes and in-depth discussed bulletins.

The second segment of the program engages serious talks, which focus on social and life style topics. In this segment, we feature conversion stories, Muslim associations, conference topics, family issues, political perspectives, and so on.

The third segment of the show includes self-help talks, which target guests who seek interventions. In other words, this segment features hosts who are able to provide advice and counseling in the area of individual interests. Potential hosts for this segment include medical practitioners, psychologists, artistic performers, Muslim celebrities, nutritionists, and talents.

The show airs form Sunday through Thursday at 10.30 Saudi Time and continues for two hours. We wish you an enjoyable time and please stay tuned.

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