Dr. Muhammad Naim Saei is filming for Huda TV

Dr. Muhammad Naim Saei – a renowned American Islamic Scholar of Syrian descent was recently invited to Huda TV’s studios for filming a new program titled "Philosophy of Islamic Law" and hosted by Brother Ahmed Rajab.
Dr. Muhammad Naim Saei is a professor of Islamic Law and its sciences at the American Open University – School of Shariia and Osoul Eldeen and Chairman of Thesis and Curriculum Committees. He is a member of the Assembly of the Muslim Jurists of America, Member of the Permanent Fatwa Committee (AMJA) One of the Muslim World League Islamic Law Consultants from 1987 through 2001.
Dr. Saei is the author of more than 14 books in Islamic Jurisprudence, Hadith, Da’wa and other studies.
Huda TV staff extends a warm welcome to Dr. Saei to our studios.

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