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Total/Partial TV Program Sponsorship



It’s on             ,      /    /    , the following agreement was agreed and signed between the following parties:

First Party:

Basha'ir Al-Huda – Egypt Co. Ltd (Huda Satellite Channel) – A company established under the Investment & Media Free Zones law. This party is henceforth referred to as the ‘Producer’.

The Producer is represented in this agreement by Mr.                               , a management staff of the channel.

The Producer’s address is: Huda Satellite TV, Egyptian Media Production City – Technical Operations Center (T.O.C) – Office no. 273 – 06 Oct. City – Cairo- Egypt

Second Party:

Mr/Mrs.                                        – Nationality                      , Henceforth referred to in this agreement as the ‘Sponsor’.

The Sponsor’s Address is:



The ‘Producer’ is a company which specializes in Satellite TV broadcasting. It also produces, executes, records, films, and distributes audio & video materials all over the world, whether it is for itself or for its clients.

The ‘Sponsor’ has shown his/her interest in co-sponsoring one of the TV programs of the Producer’s production for one time / or on monthly basis. Being a loyal viewer of Huda TV, the ‘Sponsor’ has expressed her desire to make a contribution in the production process of one of the half an hour shows to be produced by the ‘Producer’.

Both the ‘Producer’ and the ‘Sponsor’ hereby agree mutually to the below mentioned articles. They have signed and accepted these articles as conditions and strict parts of this agreement. The articles are as follows:

Article 1:

The previous preamble is considered an indispensable part of this agreement.

Article 2:

The ‘second party’ sponsors the executive production of (   ) episode(s) of                            ‘                      ’ program for one time / or on monthly basis. Sponsored episode(s) will be filmed in the Producer’s studio based at the Media & Production City, Cairo- Egypt.

Article 3:

Both parties agreed that the role of the ‘Sponsor’ is confined to sponsoring of the production of the designated program (subject of this contract); which is prepared by the ‘Producer’ without the least responsibility on part of the ‘Sponsor’.

Article 4:

The’ Sponsor’ agreed to make a onetime / or on monthly contribution in basic production cost of the sponsored episode(s) of $            (                       U.S. Dollars only). The payment will be paid directly to the ‘Producer’ bank account by means of a swift wire bank transfer and the later will issue cash receipt for the amount paid by the ‘Sponsor’.

Article 5:

The ‘Producer’ has agreed to make reference to the sponsorship of the ‘Sponsor’ for the designated episode(s) - subject matter of the contract. This reference will be made either at the beginning intro or the end credits of the episode concerned. The ‘Producer’ will put the name of the ‘Sponsor’ on the screen and it will appear in a proper way unless the ‘Sponsor’ himself expresses his desire not to make reference of any kind to him in the episode concerned or any other episode.

Article 6:

Without breaking any of the previous articles, the ‘Sponsor’ agrees that the ‘Producer’ has all the copyrights of the produced material (the subject matter of this contract) as a producer and distributor of this material. The ‘Producer’ has the full rights in broadcasting the relevant material on any cable, satellite television channel, in addition to any other means that may appear in the future, anywhere in the world. The ‘Producer’ has the right to give the produced material (the subject matter of this contract) to any third party with or without payment without the least responsibility on the side of the ‘Sponsor’.

Article 7:

The ‘Sponsor’ is responsible for the accuracy of his address, and all information written down in this contract, as this will be the address to which all related letters and notifications will be sent.

Article 8:

This agreement has been printed in (2) copies; and each party has received a copy to act according to their respected duties.

May Allah Guide us to His Straight Path!


The ‘Producer’ (first party) The ‘Sponsor’ (Second Party)



- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Name of Bank: Al- Inma Bank
Account name: Huda TV
IBAN: SA1705000068208888666000
Country: Saudi Arabia

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Name of Bank: Al- Rajhi Bank
Account name: Bashair Al Huda
Account No.: 470608010051119
IBAN: SA7780000470608010051119
City: Riyadh
Country: Saudi Arabia

- Dubai Islamic Bank (United Arab Emirates)

Name of Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank Branch
Branch: Dubai Media City - Dubai - U.A.E
Account No.: 023 520 0187754 01
IBAN No: AE56 0240 0235 2001 8775 401
Currency: AED - Dirhams
Account Name: Bashaer Al Huda FZ L.L.C
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

- Commercial International Bank (CIB) (Egypt)

Branch: 6th October Branch
Account No.: 1757300031
Currency: US Dollars
Account Name: Bashair Al Huda Co.
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt


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