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As people would hesitate to travel without a map and guide book, so the Muslim carries with him/her the Qu’ran; their guidebook, manual and map, to take them safely through this life into success in the Hereafter. Human beings left to themselves achieve as much greatness as the ancient empires that ended up by destroying themselves through disease, violence, oppression and war. Even in today’s world, the people, who profess high technology and ‘development’, are destroying themselves through the dissolution of the family, hopelessness, depression, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, which are the product of promiscuity, and an artificial approach to life that places importance on beauty and wealth and renders the poor, weak and un -beautiful of the world, completely without value, and with little hope.

Child pornography, prostitution, drug abuse, corruption, social inequality, monopolization of money and goods, and general godlessness, spell ruin to all those who are not a part of the elite few of the modern world, who own the banks, the multi national companies and the economic reins of power.

Historians agree that the best time to have been alive in the history of the world, is the 80 or so years since the advent of Muhammad (peace be upon him). They came to this conclusion by analyzing the factors of safety, justice, peace, equality and development. What was it that turned desert nomads into the position of deserving such a title? The simple answer, is that the revelation of the Qu’ran had a natural affect on the body, mind and spirit of individuals who submitted to the right of Allah, to be worshipped and obeyed.

The Holy Quran 2The Qu’ran outlined the position of the human being before Allah, before fellow human beings and before the whole of creation. Through the guidance of the Qu’ran, the Muslim came to know what was expected of him/her by their Creator. They knew the rights of the people over them and even the rights of animals and nature. The Muslims came to know their tremendous responsibility to act as the viceregent of Allah on this earth; the caretaker of creation. Look around today, and notice the pollution of air, land and water, the injustices and oppression that is carried out daily in every country of the world and the monopolization of power in the hands of the unscrupulous few. The Qu’ran remains with us, as a blessing and source of guidance. However, if we continue to act against it, it will in turn be a witness against us on the Day when all humanity’s deeds and misdeeds are opened; when the cries of the helpless and oppressed will ring out and the tyrants will be brought to justice.

The cure for the ills of the world, lies in our adherence to the morals, principles and laws of the Qu’ran. Surely, left to ourselves, we will destroy all that is around us.

Is it pride that prevents us from submitting to the Creator?
Or is it foolishness?