Raising up Children

Enjoying Your Children 18
Raising up Children

Enjoying Your Children

I have been talking to other mum’s recently and it has been slowly helping me to work myself into a frenzy of anxiety regarding the kids. In comparison to some of the mum’s I have been speaking to, I don’t seem to do as much with them and we seem […]

Let's learn ablution 21
Raising up Children

Let’s learn ablution

Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body using water, typically in preparation for formal prayers (salat), but also before handling and reading the Qur’an. Wuḍūʾ is often translated as “partial ablution”, as opposed to ghusl, or “full ablution”. Muslims who are unable to perform the prevailing form of ablution […]

The Islamic Way to Raise the Children 22
Raising up Children

The Islamic Way to Raise the Children

Allah (S.W.T.) has entrusted parents with their children. Parents bear the responsibility to raise-up their children in the Islamic way. If they do that they will be blessed in this life and in the hereafter, and if they don’t, they will get bad result during their life and in the […]

The Woman as Mother 25
Raising up Children

The Woman as Mother

The first contact with a woman is with one’s mother, who suffers in the pregnancy, delivery, nursing and rearing of her child. History does not recall a religion or a system which honors the woman as a mother and which raises her, as Islam does. Islam repeatedly commends the woman, […]

Raising Your Young Muslim Child 27
Raising up Children

Raising Your Young Muslim Child

Bringing Up Children Aged 1 to 7 According to Principles of Islam A relaxing read to understand why the first seven years of your child’s life should be the funnest for you! Play with your child to stimulate growth and development! Parenthood is such a bizarre world for many that […]

Raising Children in Deen and Dunya 31
Raising up Children

Raising Children in Deen and Dunya

I still vividly remember the first night I spent by myself in the hospital after delivering my eldest son Shaan. The guests were gone for the day, the hallway lights were dimmed, the nurses were speaking outside my room in muted tones. “Knock, knock!” came a cheerful voice from the […]