Meat and Poultry

Shawarma 1
Meat and Poultry


One of the most popular arabic dishes especially in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey too, spread out around the world ! It is best eaten as sandwich. The preparation and cooking are about 2h30 and the receipe below is for 5 to 8 persons. Ingredients: ¤ 1 kg (64 oz)fillets cut […]

Mansaf, Official meal in Jordan 4
Meat and Poultry

Mansaf, Official meal in Jordan

Last year jordanian friend invited me for a Mansaf, it was really a great meal !! Thanks to Iram for sharing this receipe with us, I’m sure that you’ll love it. Ingredients : salt pepper 1 kilo lamb, cubed 1/4 cup semne 1 teaspoon mixed Arabic spices 2 onions, chopped […]

Spicy Crispy Beef 6
Meat and Poultry

Spicy Crispy Beef

“Have never found a recipe for crispy ginger beef like the ones in the restaurants. Have experimented, and have found something pretty close. Serve with rice and some steamed veggies.” (Prep Time: 20 Min – Cook Time: 20 Min -Ready In: 45 Min) Servings Original Recipe Yield 4 servings   […]

Prime Rib Roast 10
Meat and Poultry

Prime Rib Roast

“This very flavorful roast is appropriate for any special occasion. The marinade in this recipe tenderizes the roast and the leftovers make fantastic sandwiches.” (Prep Time: 15 Min – Cook Time: 2 Hrs – Ready In: 4 Hrs 15 Min) Servings Original Recipe Yield 10 to 12 servings   Ingredients […]

15-Minute Marinated Chicken 12
Meat and Poultry

15-Minute Marinated Chicken

“Whenever I serve this to family and friends, which is quite often, I’m bound to be asked for the recipe. It’s a fast and tasty meal that I’m happy to share with others.” (Prep Time: 15 Min – Cook Time: 15 Min – Ready In:30 Min) Servings   Original Recipe Yield […]

Cordon Bleu Chicken Rolls 14
Meat and Poultry

Cordon Bleu Chicken Rolls

“This is the best Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe! Chicken stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.” Servings Original Recipe Yield 6 to 8 servings   Ingredients skinless, boneless chicken breasts 4 slices Swiss cheese, cut into 1 inch pieces salt and […]

Chicken Pot Pie 16
Meat and Poultry

Chicken Pot Pie

“A delicious chicken pie made from scratch with carrots, peas and celery.” (Prep Time: 20 Min- Cook Time: 50 Min – Ready In: 1 Hr 10 Min) Servings Original Recipe Yield 1 – 9 inch pie Ingredients 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast halves – cubed 1 cup sliced carrots […]

Tangy Chicken Fajitas 18
Meat and Poultry

Tangy Chicken Fajitas

“Different flavor from the usual chicken fajitas, but very tangy! If desired, serve with warm tortillas, fresh picante sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, rice and beans!!!” (Prep Time: 10 Min – Cook Time: 20 Min – Ready In: 3 Hrs 30 Min) Servings Original Recipe Yield 6 servings […]