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10 Facts about the Day of Jumu’ah

10 Facts about the Day of Jumu'ah 1

One of the blessings with which the Muslim nation has been endowed is the day of Jumu’ah, or Friday. The Messenger of Allaah, , said: “The best day the sun rises over is Friday; on it Allaah created Aadam. On it, he was made to enter paradise, on it he was expelled from it, and the Last Hour will take place on no other day than Friday.”[Ahmad and At-At-Tirmithi].

Imaam Ibn Katheer, said, “It was named Jumu’ah because it is derived from the word Al-Jam’ in Arabic which means to gather, as Muslims gather on this day every week, and Allaah has commanded the believers to gather for His worship, as He says that which means:{“O you who believe! When the call is proclaimed for Jumu`ah (Friday prayer), come fast to the remembrance of Allaah”}[Quran, 62: 9] meaning be keen to go and attend it.”

Here are some other virtues and facts about the Day of Jumu’ah:

· It includes the congregational Jumu’ah prayer, which is one of the obligatory acts in Islam and one of the great gatherings of the Muslims. Allah The Almighty will seal the heart of whoever abandons and slights this, according to the Prophet , in a Hadeeth (narration) in the book of Imaam Muslim .

· The day of Jumu’ah includes an hour during which all supplications are accepted. Abu Hurayrah, narrated that the Messenger of Allaah , said: “On (the day of) Jumu’ah is an hour during which Allaah gives to a Muslim servant standing in prayer whatever he asks for.”[Al-Bukhaari and Muslim].

· Giving in charity during this day is more virtuous than any other day. Ka’b, narrated that the Messenger, , said: “Charity given during the day of Jumu’ah is greater (in reward) than any other day.”

· The believers will see their Lord from Paradise on that day. Anas ibn Maalik, said regarding the saying of Allaah The Almighty (which means): {“And We have more (i.e. a glance at the All-Mighty)”}[Quran, 50: 35] “Allaah will appear to them on the day of Jumu’ah.”

· It is an ‘Eed, i.e., a recurrent holiday and celebration. Ibn ‘Abbaas, narrated that the Messenger of Allaah  said: “Jumu’ah is a day of celebration, so whoever attends it should perform Ghusl (bathing) beforehand.” [Ibn Maajah].

10 Facts about the Day of Jumu'ah 2· It is a day on which sins are forgiven, as narrated by Salmaan  who narrated that the Prophet,  said: “Any man who performs Ghusl on Friday, perfumes himself if he has perfume, wears the best of his clothes, then goes to the mosque and offers as many prayers as he wishes while not harming anybody, then listens quietly while the Imaam speaks until he offers the prayer, will have all his sins between that Friday and the next forgiven.” [Al-Bukhaari].

· When walking to attend the Friday sermon, a Muslim gets the reward of both praying Qiyaam (i.e., the night prayer) and fasting a full year. Aws ibn Aws  narrated that the Prophet, , said: “Whoever performs Ghusl on Friday after having sexual intercourse with his wife, then goes early to the mosque and attends from the beginning of the Khutbah and draws near to the Imaam and listens to him attentively, Allaah will give him the full reward of fasting all the days of a year and observing night-vigil on each of its nights for every step that he took towards the mosque.”[Ibn Khuzaymah, Ahmad].

· Hell is fired-up during every day of the week except Friday, as a mark of honour and respect for the day of Friday.

· Dying on Friday, during the day or night, is a sign of a good end, for the one who dies on that day will be protected from the trial of the grave (i.e., Allaah The Almighty will enable such a person to be steadfast during it). The Prophet,  said: “Any Muslim who dies during the day or night of Friday will be protected by Allaah from the trial of the grave.” [At-Tirmithi and Ahmad].