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A 15 years old sister compare between knowledge and wealth.

  • KNOWLEDGE guards you while you guard WEALTH.
  • KNOWLEDGE is increased when distributed while WEALTH is decreased when given to others.
  • A LITTERATE person may be poor but cannot be fooled but a WEALTHY person may be uneducated and can easily be deceived by anybody.
  • KNOWLEDGE is a gift from Allah and is inherited His by Apostles while WEALTH is inherited by Pharaoh(Firawn).
  • KNOWLEDGE increases one’s faith in the oneness of Allah (Tawheed) while WEALTH deviates a person from the teaching of the Holy Quran, ahkam (injuntions) of Allah, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Shari’a (Islamic Law).
  • KNOWLEDGE makes a person modest while WEALTH makes a person arrogant.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived in misery but was a very INTELLIGENT person that’s why he has earned the title of the Greatest Leader of Mankind while his the persecutors lived in OPULENCE but was ignorant that’s the reason for which they were known as “Jahil”.
  • KNOWLEDGE or WEALTH ? 2We can conclude by saying that it is better to live a humble life but being EDUCATED rather than living a life of LAVISHNESS but being unschooled.

May Allah show us the right path.Ameen.

Contributed by: Faatimah Bibi Dulull ( 15 Years old )
Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

IslamWay.com Editor’s Comment : 

May Allah reward you sister Faatimah for writing this nice article in that very young age, and thanks to Allah that we have good people like you. Of course knowledge is more important than wealth as you mentioned but also if a Muslim can gain both knowledge and wealth .. or can use his wealth to serve Islam that would be a great option. So of course this article is directed for those who seek wealth without caring about Allah’s satisfaction.