What is Islam ?


Teaching 1

Allah Most High said: Make it known to mank ind, and do not conceal it! [3:187] and: Of every troop of them, a group only should go forth, that they [who are left behind] may gain sound knowledge in religion, so that they should warn their people when they return to them. [9:122]

Bukhari and Muslim relate on the authority of Abu Bakra that the Prophet, sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam, said in his sermon at Mina, “Let those who are present inform those who are not. And it may be that those who pass it on understand it less than some of those who hear it.”

Abu Daud narrates the following hadith on the authority of Abu Hurayra: “Whoever is asked about something he knows, and conceals it, shall be made by Allah to wear a bridle of fire on the Day of Arising.”

The Caliph `Umar ibn `Abd al-`Aziz, rahimahullah, said, “Whoever does not consider his speech to be part of his actions will sin abundantly, and whoever acts without knowledge will do more harm than good.”

Teaching 2Al-Harith al-Muhasibi said: “Knowledge [of religion] begets the fear of Allah, renunciation begets calm, and knowledge [of Allah] begets repentance.”According to Ibn Sa`d, “Whoever acts according to knowledge from hadiths, will be given knowledge from insight, and whoever acts according to knowledge from insight, will be given the knowledge of obedience, and whoever acts according to the knowledge of obedience will be guided to Allah’s path.”

Malik ibn Dinar said, “When one of Allah’s slaves seeks knowledge in order to act in accordance therewith, his knowledge makes him modest. But when he seeks it for any other reason, he becomes arrogant.”

Ma`ruf al-Karkhi said, “Whenever Allah wishes to do good to His slave, He opens the gate of action for him, and closes the gate of argument. But when He wishes evil for His slave, He closes the gate of action for him, and opens the door of argument.”

Abu Bakr al-Warraq said, “Whoever suffices himself with theology without being a man of renunciation and the Law becomes a heretic. Whoever suffices himself with renunciation without the Law and theology commits a harmful innovation. Whoever suffices himself with the Law without renunciation and scrupulousness becomes corrupt. But whoever does all of these things will be saved.”

Teaching 3Al-Hasan Al-Basri said, “A man once passed me, and I was told that he was a scholar of the Law, ‘Do you know what a true scholar of the Law is?’ I asked. ‘A true scholar of the Law is a man who is learned about his religion, renounces the things of this world, and who spends much time in the worship of His Lord.”

Malik ibn Dinar said, “I have read in the Torah that the sermons of a learned man who does not act by his knowledge will have no effect on people’s hearts, as though they were raindrops falling on a stone.”

Ibn Abi Daud composed the following verse:

A man who chokes may find relief in drinking;  But what shall he do whom the water chokes?

And Abu `Uthman al-Hiri said:An impious man enjoining others to piety Is like a sick doctor who tries to cure others.

We pray Allah grant us success in learning and acting; we seek the protection of His majestic Face from failure, greed, and vain hopes!

BY:Imam Al-Bayhaqi