Women in Islam

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter 1


If a person writes down all the important things in his life, he will end up with a long list. However, once he tries to classify it in order of importance, his children and offspring will be on its top, since they are more precious than money, leisure, needs, desires and all his wishes in life. The proof for this is, my dear daughter, is when one of his children gets seriously sick, he stays up all night, and travels here and there, and pays his money, and he might even borrow it and indebt himself, all this for the sake of his children.

– Therefore, when he talks to his son and offers him advice, he is utterly sincere and genuinely truthful, and it was said long ago: “The leader does not cheat his people.”

Dear daughter:

– I was shocked today by witnessing the reality of Muslim girls, living in a whirl-pool of struggle. Thus sometimes she hears that voice inviting her to retrogression and leaving behind any principles of chastity. Other times, on the other hand, she hears that sincere voice strongly shaking her from inside, and telling her: “Slow down, that it is the path of misguidance and perdition”. Thus these voices rush to her hearing and bring thoughts like waves to her mind.

Dear daughter:

– Let us be frank in a manner committed only to the regulations of Islam, let us be clear in a way surrounded only by the fence of modesty and chastity, in order for it to be a step towards correction and a transition to betterment.

– Apart from emotions and away from their deceitful mirage, had a girl that establishes an unlawful relationship been honest to herself; she would have asked herself: What does this young man want? What motivates him to be in this relationship? Even, what does he say to his friends when he meets them? And how do they talk about me?

– My daughter, I am absolutely certain that once she rids her mind of her emotions’ delusions, she will definitely and confidently say: His goal is lust. Therefore, does she not fear unfaithfulness? Do you think he deserves your trust? A young man who plays with fire establishing an unlawful relationship, a young man unanchored from religion, manners and faithfulness, a young man driven primarily and ultimately by lust, how can you trust him with yourself?

– He has been unfaithful to his Lord, faith and nation, and this girl will not be the dearest he has, and the sooner he gets his purpose, the sooner she is, may Allah forbid, a victim of desperation, sadness and regret.

– My daughter, as soon as those young men find themselves on their own, they laugh out loud at the one they have deceived, the one that has been convinced by insidious promises and honeyed words.

Dear daughter:

Dear Daughter 2– Allah is indeed the All-Wise, the Omniscient; He has not created anything except for a reason, whether the children of Adam know it or are ignorant of it. Allah has willed in his infinite wisdom that women have passionate emotions, responding to stimuli and exploding with an enormous flow of feelings that shape her behavior and guide it.

– And when a girl is bound to a person, either close or far, then what limits will her love reach?

A girl kissing the TV screen when she sees his picture, another loves his speech and looks for and impatiently awaits to hear his words, and whenever his image is out of her sight, or her ears are unable to hear his voice, she feels increasingly anxious, and more and more bothered since he has become her soothing balm.

Dear daughter:

Apart from the unlawfulness of this, its religious violation, what is left in this girl’s heart for the love of Allah and his Messenger, can there be any place left for the recital of Allah’s words and tasting their meanings?

Where does she stand who ardently awaits for her lover’s call during the last third of the night when divine descends?

How far is she distracted from giving herself before Him and finding delight in addressing Him?

Furthermore, does she even take care of her worldly interests?

She is ready to skip her studies in order to meet him, and she is eager to neglect her household matters for his sake.

– This enormous amount of wasted emotions flows, floods and drowns all morals of goodness and faithfulness to parents, who no longer have a spot in her heart, and drains all feelings of love and affection towards her lifelong companion, her spouse, in whom she is supposed to find comfort. And after a while, she gives birth to children whose obedience and kindness she seeks. However she cannot find enough reserve of feelings to channel towards them, and as a result of this deficiency, they are brought up in a dysfunctional way.

– Allah the Exalted and Glorified has endowed the female with these emotions and tenderness for wisdoms He has decreed, amongst which is keeping them as a reserve nourishing marital life with the waters of life, stability and peace of mind, A reserve showering righteous children and offspring in order to be uprightly brought up. Then why are these emotions wasted, only for her to pluck the fruits of sorrow in this world, and live in fear of scandal.

Dear daughter:

– When you come back home, and lay on your bed, give yourself a few minutes to remember the image of the righteous devout girl, distant from any doubt-abiding status. Compare her with the other girl that has been extensively affected by the foolishness of unlawful relationships. Tell me, for Allah’s sake, which one is more probable to enjoy peace of mind and a greater stability in life? Which one is more praiseworthy? The one who has overcome her inner self and desires, overpowering her instincts, still suffering from a certain emptiness and desires as the rest do? Or is the other one who succumbs to her desires is more praiseworthy? It is a self-posed question, imposed by reality. Why does the former succeed while the latter does not? Why does one overcome obstacles while the other one stands defeated before them?

Dear daughter:

– I am utterly surprised to see Muslim girls heedlessly chase what their enemies dictate to them: following fashions, rebelling against their Hijab (veil) and modesty. Now we see, day after day, new manifestations of this rebelliousness. My dear daughter, they are deceivingly avoiding the Hijab with flagrant tricks. Needless to bring you Fatawa (religious opinions) containing the verdict of the wrongdoings of many girls. However, the true believer, my daughter, is the one who fears Allah and has conscience of Him, leaded by His Messenger’s words: “Leave that which raises your doubts and seek that which does not.” [Declared authentic by Al-Albani]

‹‹دع ما يريبك إلى ما لا يريبك››


صحيح الألباني

She understands that tricking and cheating the rules will not benefit her in any way on the day she meets Allah, the Omniscient, with whatever her heart concealed.

Dear daughter:

– When you look into the mirror, you see a light-filled face flowing with vitality and youth. When you come and go, you enjoy your full health and energetic youth. However, you must have visited your grandmother someday, and you must have seen an old woman, whose bones have weakened and whose strength has vanished. Once upon a time, she too used to be a young lady and a flower like you, but years have passed too fast and too many days were spent, until youth’s flower was buried under the rubbles of senility. The days of youth are gone, and all is left is a stone-carved image in her memory. And there you are, my daughter, on the same road. The pale and aging image you see will be your final destination in a few numbered years. Therefore, beware of wasting the time of youth and the prime of life; do not drain your vitality in that which brings you nothing but regret and bad consequences.

Dear daughter:

– If only had those chasing desires and short-lived possessions reflected on their true fate, they would think more than twice regarding their convictions. Imagine a person who has obtained all possessions in life, has tasted all its luxuries and has not experienced, a single day, anything to spoil his mood.

The same person will instantly forget all this, was he to be dipped once into the torments of hellfire. May Allah protect us all from it.

– On the other hand, another person who had the most miserable life will instantly forget all, was he to be dipped once into the bliss of paradise. Anas Ibn Malik, may Allah be pleased with him, said: Allah’s Messenger said: “One amongst the dwellers of Hellfire who had led a life of ease and luxury amongst the people of the world would be made to dip in Hellfire only once on the Day of Resurrection, and then it would be said to him: “O, son of Adam, have you ever found any comfort, did you happen to ever get any material blessing?” He would say: “By Allah, no, my Lord.” And then the most miserable person in this world, from amongst the inmates of Paradise will be brought, and he would be made to dip once in Paradise and it would be said to him: “0, son of Adam, have you ever faced, any hardship? Or had any distress fallen to your lot?” And he would say: “By Allah, no, my Lord, never have I faced any hardship or experienced any distress.”” [Narrated by Muslim]

‹‹ يؤتى بأنعم أهل الدنيا ، من أهل النار ، يوم القيامة . فيصبغ في النار صبغة . ثم يقال : يا ابن آدم ! هل رأيت خيرا قط ؟ هل مر بك نعيم قط ؟ فيقول : لا . والله ! يا رب ! ويؤتى بأشد الناس بؤسا في الدنيا ، من أهل الجنة . فيصبغ صبغة في الجنة . فيقال له : يا ابن آدم ! هل رأيت بؤسا قط ؟ هل مر بك شدة قط ؟ فيقول : لا . والله ! يا رب ! ما مر بي بؤس قط . ولا رأيت شدة قط››


رواه مسلم

Finally, I ask Almighty Allah to benefit you with this letter.
And Allah’s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammed.