Feed Back

Adel Ben Abdallah

Dear huda tv staff
Assalamou Alaykom brothers in Islam. My name is Adel B. Abdallah. i'm from Tunisia
working iKuwait as an English teacher. I'd like to show you my great feelings of
respect according to to the high level media programs you are presenting to people.
Your TV channel is like a bright candle at the bottom of a dark abyss. Why at the
bottom? It;s simply because ive gone a long way to settle on the shores of your
channel. It's guideness from Allah that guided me to you.
I do appreciate all your programs. I'm enjoying my english Islam teachings while
watching your channel.
Finally, i support the work you are doing with all my heart. May allah bless you and
enlighten your way.
I will be very very pleased if I hear from you.
Your sincerely
Adel Ben Abdallah