Feed Back

Mohamed H AlHamed

Assalamu alaimum,
First I would like to extend my thanks & appreciation for the good work of Huda TV. I would also congratulate you on your selection of the TV presenters however; my only comment is exactly on this selection.
You have some excellent speakers whom I can single out – Sheikh Usama  Al Dhahabi & Sheikh Yusuf Estes. By excellent I mean these are the kind of speakers who can really deliver the message to the west (America, Canada, UK). They speak the same “language” as them hence makes it easier for the message to go “across”. We need to convey the message to the non-muslims & when this message comes from their own “sons”, it will have an impact. Sheikh Siraj Wahaj also comes to mind.
Most of the other speakers who are of Arab or Asian origins, have an accent (no offence please) which doesn’t go very well with the viewers from the west.
Please don’t get me wrong on this issue & the speakers. I have high regards for these other speakers and Mashallah their knowledge of the religion is next to non. It’s only their conveying of this message. I am sure they would excel if they were to deliver to viewers in say Asia. (in Asia & the Arab world we already have various religious channels/programs that cater for such an audience- in our own languages)
Jazakumullah & please forgive me if you feel that I have offended anybody.
Best regards,