Feed Back


Asalamu alaikum
Thank you for HUDA TV. May Allah reward you all.
I just watched Inspirations by Sheikh al Hameedy and his adive on feedback has made
me write to HUDA TV.
Thank you Dr. Muhammad Salah and all other Sheikhs on Huda TV and May you all be
rewarded Paradise for you efforts.

I got positive feedback for all Programs on Huda tv and May Allah reward all you
brothers behind this effort Huda TV.

My suggestion is why dont you invite the Mufti of Rwanda and do a program on Islam
in Rwanda and the masacre which took place their and what did muslims do there end
He could comment on Muslims and conflicts resolution in East Africa. I think he has
alot to offer and this will be  a change I have seen programs on Huda TV about Asia
and how  Islam spread there.

I am grateful to Allah for making me find Huda tv. Its inspiring us at home
especially my mother who loves how the deen is explained throughout the day when on
You have islamic programs changing one after the other. One is not exposed to Fitnah
of advertisement or uncovered women.
We watch Huda through satelitte in United Kingdom.

Please increase Ibrahim Zidan appearance on Huda TV as his knowledge on Quran is
beneficial and shines lights on understanding Quran. Increase his Programs on Quran.
I think you have 2 at the moment: Quran in depth and another short one before
Maghrib time in Makkah.

We love all programs from children stories to all kinds. We think HUDA TV is the
best channel in Islamic teachings compared to what we have in english language.


Best Regards