Advertising on Huda TV

Advertise on Huda TV

Huda TV is one of the pioneer free-to-air Islamic Channels broadcasting in  English language, having its versatile programs broadcasted  globally on Nile SAT and on the mean time streaming on internet.

Huda TV started broadcasting since almost five years ago and has since become one of the most important sources of Islamic authentic knowledge for English speaking Muslims worldwide. Since launched, Huda TV had succeeded by grace of Almighty (SWT) to gain the admiration and full trust of millions among its global viewers whether through satellites or live web streaming; for its high quality levels of production and wonderful content.

Huda TV caters a versatile bouquet of programs to its viewers just to complement the different tastes, cultural and spiritual demands; from a variety of Islamic programs to talk shows; political magazine, sports, contests, arts, kids corner, various documentaries, etc. Eventually, Huda TV offers you a very effective medium to promote your business in an efficient way.

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Your advertisement on Huda TV will help you reach your customers now, hence we are privileged by a wide viewership rates among Muslims and non Muslims in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the eastern coast of America where our 24/7 English broadcasting stretches out to reach there. Hence we are certain the manufactures and producers are among our daily viewers, as we count much on the businessmen and business owners among Muslim communities to accredit Huda TV with part of its advertising budget and certainly the marketing impact will be awesome.

At present  Huda TV Channel is broadcasted to 150+ countries around the world as per the following details:

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We can help promote your business in the best possible way through advertising on our screen.

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