Platium Membership

Platinum Membership

Platium Card

“Platinum Card members” will be eligible to receive following benefits & privileges:

  • Free download of programs, Nasheeds, or audio files of total (01 GB) on monthly basis.
  • First to receive our Program schedule by e-mail before publishing, receive a monthly Huda News magazine.
  • Allocating a special telephone landline phone number to have first priority when calling to Ask Huda program or any other live show.
  • Possibility to send fatawa questions to Ask Huda program and get it either a prompt answer on air or through to one’s personal email address.
  • Receive a video sampler of new programs “under filming” by email or FTP download depending of size of file.
  • Possibility of organizing visits of interested viewers to our studio in Cairo to meet scholars and attend filming of “one” episode of a live or a recorded show (excluding travel, lodging or any personal nature expenses) according to filming schedules to be announced in Huda TV magazine or Huda news on the web site. Same can be arranged also for possible filming in Dubai or Saudi Arabia or UK
  • As an encouragement from the channel for your children to memorize the Quran, act like a pro now and film your son or daughter’s Quran recitation by using a high quality video camera (as per given technical criteria) and post it to our FTP server for eventual broadcast on “Junior Reciter” program. The channel has the right to decline non adequate recordings that doesn’t suite applicable TV standards.
  • Members are eligible to receive periodically some promotional items of Huda TV including t-shirts, mugs, caps and more.


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