General Poems


Dear Sir,

I am one of the viewers of Huda TV and I would like to present this poem which I wrote myself as a gift for Huda. You may compose it and sing it at Huda. I do this for Allah’s sake, and I am not waiting for a reward from you.

If you like it, I have other religious poems, short and long ones that may help in the Da’wa field, In Sha’ Allah!

Sister in Islam, Nesma.


I was wondering in myself,
And found it terrible week.
Then, I tried to amend it,
Woe to you, self!
Be righteous and meek.
I tried but was getting weary to do it.
How can I do it?
While it is a hard task for me!
Except that Allah helps me.
I am a poor servant to You.
Oh, Allah, to You I flee.
My knowledge of Your way is few,
And my sins encompass me.
Oh, Allah, I knock Your door.
I knock Your door which is open wide,
Forever to all Mankind.
Then, will You accept me?
Wherever I go astray, You are my Guide.
Whenever I am sick, You heal me.
You know what I proclaim and hide.
For you know the seen and the unseen.
Oh, Allah, I call for You;
So that you may make my hear clean,
A sinful person calls for you.
Oh, Allah, I do not have a God other than You.
Therefore, if You refuse me,
Who then will accept me?
Yes, it is me who calls for You.
My Creator, in Your vast mercy, accept me!
You are the Forgiver of sin,
Whether it is small or great, forgive me!
Your mercy, when I realize it with my mind,
I fall crying like a little child.
Indeed, you are Merciful and Kind.
And life with no mercy is wild.
There is no God but He.
One God! It is as true as I hear and see.
He is the Lord of Mankind!
Who created fishes into the seas?
Which are different in kind?
His is all praise; there is no God but He!
He perfectly hears and sees.
He is the One who ordained death and life,
And in His cause, I hastily strive.
His secret Hand in life amazes me.
His is all praise; there is no God but He.