General Poems

Pity Me Not

Pity Me Not 1

Pity me not
For the clothes I wear
Nor for the scarve
That covers my hair

Pity me not
For my black garb
My modest air
My humble heart.

Pity me not
For my lack of speech
B/c my silent voice
Can always find a heart to reach.

Pity me not
For my Muslim name
It is the sign of my honor
And the badge of my fame.

Pity me not
And call me oppressed
B/c from society’s norms
I’m differently dressed.

Pity me not
But try to understand
That I love my religion
And I’m proud of who I am!

Pity me not
For following the divine way
But pity those
Who have been led astray.




Written by : Wida Kamal, USA