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Islam covers every aspect of life, it is not a religion that can be bought out and polished on a Sunday or for specific celebrations. Islam, through the words of God in the Quran, and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, offers advice and guidance from dawn til dusk, from birth until death. Islam even teaches the believers the best way to greet each other; it is a complete way of life.

What exactly does the word Islam mean? It is an Arabic word that comes from the root, sa -la –ma, meaning peace. However, it is a descriptive word that entails more than tranquility and calmness, it also encompasses the concepts of safety, security and submission. In fact, Islam could be said to mean submission to the One God through who comes, safety, security, peace and harmony. The word Muslim also derives from the same root, so too does the Islamic greeting – Assalam.

In previous articles we have discussed the fact that all believers are linked together by various means. Most importantly is the belief that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is his messenger. This is what distinguishes believers from non-believers. However, believers are also reminded of the bonds between them whenever they greet one another. The Islamic greeting of peace – Assalam, encourages believers to be a worldwide community unencumbered by tribal or nationalistic loyalties and bound together by peace and unity.