Make your financial contribution now

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh,

Dear Brothers  & Sisters in Islam,
Thanks a lot for your kind gesture to support Huda TV and Islamic da’wa in the meantime.

Huda TV is a nonprofit edutainment TV station that relies in accomplishing its mission on direct funding from its founders in addition to individual donations from affiliated persons & groups around the world.

Actually such funding status leads into constant bad financial difficulties, and hence we don’t accept direct donations due to some legal reasons – as we didn’t get registered as a charitable organization yet, as we do invite all individuals and commercial bodies among our viewers – who like to join Huda TV in calling to Allah, spreading the message of Islam like the prophets did and eventually share the blessings & rewards with us; to sponsor a program of their own choice or even a part of it without having a minimum or maximum ceiling for payments.  

Indeed, this will support Huda to achieve its noble aims and goals and face the financial difficulties due to the heavy cost pertaining to running a non-profit professional TV station.

Yes, one will be able to sponsor wholly or partially one of our shows for a period of time of his/her choice: one time, a month, a year or forever and for any amount of money. Hereafter, pls find a table reflecting the net production cost of some programs for sponsorship purposes only (excluding all kinds of general, operational & broadcast expenses like rent of studio and satellite broadcasting cost on Nile Sat & Hotbird)- just for your info & guidance.

Also please find a sample of relevant sponsorship agreement that we request you please to read carefully and insert your personal data like: full name, nationality, address and phone no in the designated spaces, in addition to the amount of your sponsorship and the program you would like to sponsor otherwise you can make it a general program sponsorship. Eventually, pls sign the agreement and send us a scanned copy by e-mail or fax to no: +202 38555 251 whereas it will be duly signed by the channel and resent to you by e-mail.
On the other hand, pls deposit your program sponsorship amount into the following bank account of Huda TV branch in Cairo – Egypt:

•    Name of Bank: Commercial International Bank (CIB)
•    Branch: 06th October Br.
•    SWIFT Code: CIBEEGCX017         
•    Account No.: 1757300031
•    Account name: Bashair Al Huda Co.
•    City: Cairo
•    Country: Egypt

Worthy to mention that we welcome a group sponsorship in the shape of monthly subscription too. For companies sponsoring entire shows, we will be glad having their logo appearing by the end credits with a message of thanks for sponsoring this particular show (unless they choose not to reveal their identity).

Waiting to receive copies of your signed agreement and money transfer proof; may Allah reward you abundantly for your interest to support Islamic Da’wa through Huda TV, and pls call others among your friends, community, and family to do so hence Allah (SWT) said in the Noble Qur’an: “Invite to the way for your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching”

Thanks & best regards,

The Administration
Huda TV