Prophet Muhammad

Here you will learn about Muhammad, the last prophet. His life, behavior, wives and more.

Description of the Prophet (pbuh) 1
Prophet Muhammad

Description of the Prophet (pbuh)

In order to understand the message of Islam, it is first necessary to acquaint ourselves with the prophet of Islam. You cannot, as the popular saying goes, separate the message from the messenger. It is therefore only natural to wish to study the life of Muhammad (pbuh), his manners and […]

The Greatness of Muhammad 5
Prophet Muhammad

The Greatness of Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad: Who is he? The Prophet Muhammad (Saas) was born in 570 A.D. in the town of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He lived for 40 years in this town before God called him as a Prophet. The town was one divided into two classes, -the rich and affluent, and the […]