Women in Islam

Here you will learn about the status of women in Islam and their rights.

How a Pearl Protects Itself 1
Women in Islam

How a Pearl Protects Itself

How a Pearl Protects Itself: A Khutbah for the Muslim Women By Muhammad Al-Shareef When news of the Christian army that had prepared on the horizons to wipe out Islam reached him, Abu Qudaamah Ash-Shaamee moved quickly to the Mimbar of the Masjid. In a powerful and emotional speech, Abu […]

Laws of Divorce in Islam 3
Women in Islam

Laws of Divorce in Islam

  by Amani Aboul Fadl Farag, I’ll try to supply as much information in this big subject as our small page can allow. In case you need more details, I refer you to a useful book – Fiqh as-Sunnah – by Sayyed Sabiq – is originally in Arabic, but you […]

To My Dearest Sisters 5
Women in Islam

To My Dearest Sisters

To My Dearest Sisters… From a Co-Wife by Siddiqua Haswarey Polygyny is not all frolicky and fun nor is it a version of “Alice in Wonderland”. Getting into a polygynous relationship is no easy task, whether for a man or a woman. It can be hard at times, but so […]

Economic Independence of Women in Islam 7
Women in Islam

Economic Independence of Women in Islam

Economic Independence of Women in Islam Of the great faiths, Islam has been foremost in assigning to woman a position of economic independence. It is well known that in the United Kingdom till as late as 1882, when the first Married Women’s Property Act was passed by Parliament, a married […]

The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding 9
Women in Islam

The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding

The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding (in the pure Tradition of the Prophet saws) The Author’s Introduction All praise is due to Allah, the One who said in the clear verses of His Book: “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that […]

The Status of Woman in Islam 11
Women in Islam

The Status of Woman in Islam

  1. INTRODUCTION The status of women in society is neither a new issue nor is it a fully settled one. The position of Islam on this issue has been among the subjects presented to the Western reader with the least objectivity. This paper is intended to provide a brief […]

Women in Islam: Oppression or Liberation? 13
Women in Islam

Women in Islam: Oppression or Liberation?

For centuries, Muslim women in all corners of the world have been aware of the liberation that is achieved by adhering to the concept of hijab.  Current world events have once again brought the issue of women’s liberation in Islam to the forefront of people’s minds. Can a Woman Who […]

Women’s Liberation through Islam 15
Women in Islam

Women’s Liberation through Islam

Today people think that women are liberated in the West and that the Women’s liberation movement began in the 20th century.  Actually, the women’s liberation movement was not begun by women, but was revealed by God to a man in the seventh century by the name of Muhammad, may the […]

Who Practices Polygamy? 17
Women in Islam

Who Practices Polygamy?

(Part 1): Polygamy in history and modern Western society. Polygamy has been practiced by mankind for thousands of years.  Many of the ancient Israelites were polygamous, some having hundreds of wives.  King Solomon is said to have had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.  His father, David had ninety-nine, […]

Kind Treatment of Wives 19
Women in Islam

Kind Treatment of Wives

God instructs men to be nice to their wives and to treat them well to the best of their ability: “…And live with them in kindness…” (Quran 4:19)The Messenger of God said, The most perfect of believers in belief is the best of them in character.  The best of you […]