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Advertising on Huda TV 1

Advertising on Huda TV

Advertise on Huda TVHuda TV is one of the pioneer free-to-air Islamic Channels broadcasting in  English language, having its versatile programs broadcasted  globally on Nile SAT and on the mean time streaming on internet. Huda TV started broadcasting since almost five years ago and has since become one of the […]

What is Islam ? 3
What is Islam ?

What is Islam ?

Islam is founded on the realization of the One Supreme God, a realization which necessarily leads to the observance of certain fundamental acts that are elaborated further by the religion. The following fundamentals are basic to Islam and provide a sound overview of the religion: 1. Iman (Faith)The literal meaning […]

The economy, in an Islamic prospective 5
What is Islam ?

The economy, in an Islamic prospective

For the most part, modern civilization has decided to turn its back on Divine Guidance and have attempted to construct their own economic systems, political systems, international laws and so on. When doing so, though, they have to admit that they are attempting something that is beyond their means. The […]

Allah word in arabic
What is Islam ?

Us and Them

At one time this Message [of calling people to Islam and training people as Muslims] created a generation without any parallel in the history of Islam, even in the entire history of man, the generation of the Companions (ra) of the Prophet (saw). After this, no other generation of this […]

The Greatness of Muhammad 7
Prophet Muhammad

The Greatness of Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad: Who is he? The Prophet Muhammad (Saas) was born in 570 A.D. in the town of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He lived for 40 years in this town before God called him as a Prophet. The town was one divided into two classes, -the rich and affluent, and the […]


Huda TV, Now and Forever

Huda TV Now and forever This is where we protect Huda TV, a satellite channel that brings correct & moderate Islamic knowledge right to your home worldwide. Huda TV: A light in every home Your Sponsorship keeps us going.   Call to the way of your Lord… Dear Brothers & […]

Started filming “Amazing Stories” new program
Huda News

Started filming “Amazing Stories” new program

Shaikh Loutfi Abdul Rahman –  A Canadian Da’ie residing in Montreal – Canada started to film a new program for Huda TV titled “Amazing Stories” portraying  stories in the Prophetic Hadith. Shaikh Loutfi Abdul Rahman will eventually be filming the same program in French for Huda TV for future use.