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Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick 7
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Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick is an international Scholar, Speaker, Da’wah worker, and historian. He has travelled to, more than 51 countries in his quest for knowledge and in order to spread knowledge of Islam & issues affecting Society in general.Abdullah Hakim Quick was born in the United States of America […]

Shaikh. Yusuf Estes 9
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Shaikh. Yusuf Estes

Yusuf Estes, born 1 January 1944 in Ohio, grew up in Texas), is an American convert to Islam and former National Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons and Delegate to the United Nations World Peace Conference for Religious Leaders.Yusuf Estes was brought up in Houston in a […]

Dr. Jafar Idriss 11
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Dr. Jafar Idriss

Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris is considered one of the few Muslim Scholars of this era, who has both the knowledge of Islam and Western Ideologies. He has written many articles and research papers on Islam. Because of his background he has visited many countries around the world, where he lectured […]

Dr. Bilal Philips 13
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Dr. Bilal Philips

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips was born in Jamaica, but grew up in Canada where he accepted Islam in 1972. He completed a diploma in Arabic and a B.A. from the College of Islamic Disciplines (Usool ad-Deen) at the Islamic University of Madinah in 1979. At the University of Riyadh, College […]