What is Islam ?

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In Ramadan (For kids only) 1
What is Islam ?

In Ramadan (For kids only)

All Praise is due to Allah Lord of the Realms. And prayers and peace of Allah be upon the most honorable Prophet and Messenger. This is a selection of the scholars Fatawa about the fasting of our beloved kids. When must the kid fast? Q: When must a child fast? At […]

Beginning of Ramadan 3
What is Islam ?

Beginning of Ramadan

Question: Why doesn’t the whole Muslim world start Ramadan and celebrate ‘Eeds on same days? Fatwa: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, may Allah exalt his […]

Ramadan...A Turning Point 5
What is Islam ?

Ramadan…A Turning Point

Ramadan has always been a positive turning point in the lives of many Muslims. Narrated by Abu Hurairah, May Allah be Pleased with Him said: أنَّ النَّبيَّ صلَّى اللهُ عليه وسلَّم صعِد المِنبَرَ فقال: ( آمينَ آمينَ آمينَ ) قيل : يا رسولَ اللهِ إنَّكَ حينَ صعِدْتَ المِنبَرَ قُلْتَ : […]

Rights of the Prophet 7
What is Islam ?

Rights of the Prophet

Rights of the Prophet are the most important, after the rights of Allah. There is no human who has more rights than the Prophet. Allah said, what translated means: “Verily, We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a witness, as a bearer of glad tidings, and as a warner. In […]

Prayer is the life of the Heart 9
What is Islam ?

Prayer is the life of the Heart

I have pondered over our prayers and thought of the state of many of the praying people. So, I detected a strong link between neglecting the prayer with all its due meanings and the status of the Muslim nation along with the crisis that the Muslims undergo. In fact, it […]

The Hereafter is Better and More Lasting 13
What is Islam ?

The Hereafter is Better and More Lasting

One of the loftiest maxims and admonitions in the Noble Quran is demonstrating the priority of the Hereafter and the great outcome for those who prepared for it. Allah, may He be Exalted, said:  {وَالْآخِرَةُ خَيْرٌ وَأَبْقَىٰ}  [الأعلى:17] (Interpretation of the meaning): “Although the Hereafter is better and more lasting.” [Al-Alaa:17] […]

Our Worship through the Seasons 15
What is Islam ?

Our Worship through the Seasons

The inherent difficulties faced by Muslims here with the seasonal variations in prayer times are part and parcel of life, so what positives can we take from this difficulty? Many of us when hearing and reading eulogies of past communities, invariably begin to compare that past with that of our […]

Unification Of Religions 17
What is Islam ?

Unification Of Religions

Praise be to Allah alone, and salaat and salaam be upon Muhammad, his family, companions and those who righteously follow him until the Day of Judgement. The Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Ifta has reviewed the inquiries, opinions and essays propagated in the mass media concerning the “Call for […]

Quranic Way of Life 19
What is Islam ?

Quranic Way of Life

Some of the lessons learnt from Quran that apply to our generalliving! 1. Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion,colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/joband so on [17/70] 2. Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception[33/70] 3. Choose best words to speak […]